Procurement Strategy & Annual Procurement Report

Procurement Strategy

Any public organisation which has an estimated regulated spend of £5 million or more (excluding VAT) in any financial year should publish a Procurement Strategy before the start of that financial year, and review it at least annually.

The procurement strategy should be relevant and proportionate to the size and spend of the organisation.  It sets out how the organisation intends to run its procurement function, including contract and supplier management, and provides an overview on how its approach to procurement supports its broader aims and objectives.

Annual Procurement Report

The organisation must then also prepare and publish an annual procurement report disclosing how its procurement activity has complied with its published procurement strategy. 

The procurement strategy/revised procurement strategy and annual procurement report should be published in a way that the organisation considers appropriate, but must include publication on the internet.

Both of the above documents are good sources of information regarding an organisations’ future plans, aims and objectives. 

WIthin the annual procurement report, organisation's will publish a summary of the regulated procurements they expect to commence in the next two finanacial years.