ESPD/SPD Summary & Hints

Quickfire Guide

Quickfire Guide

ESPD/SPD Summary


  • Is a standard template 
  • Is used by procurement officers to ask selection questions and state exclusion grounds;
  • Cannot have questions added or existing questions amended by the procurement officer;
  • Questions can be deleted from the standard ESPD/SPD (Scotland) template and therefore not included in the procurement exercise by the procurement officer, if they are not relevant;
  • Is a self-declaration process i.e. bidders do not provide up-front evidence.  Normally only the supplier who is likely to be awarded the contract will be asked for this information at the award stage;
  • Data previously submitted in an ESPD can be re-used by the bidder in a new ESPD/SPD (as long as it is relevant to the next procurement exercise);

Process in Summary:

  • The procurement officer will determine which standard questions are required for their procurement;
  • The procurement officer will include any minimum requirements and additional information on the questions asked
  • The Contract Notice is published via Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) by the procurement officer;
  • The Contract Notice will contain links to all documents required, including the ESPD/SPD (Scotland). 
  • You decide whether to submit a bid;
  • You must complete the appropriate format of the ESPD/SPD (as specified by the procurement officer and outlined above):
  • The procurement officer will normally only request evidence/certification before contract award to the one supplier.


You should:

  • Register on PCS and PCS-T;
  • Raise any queries with via the Procurement Officer through normal channels e.g. PCS and PCS-T post-box;
  • Allow as much time as possible to raise clarifications/complete your bid;
  • Ensure responses are relevant and current to the particular procurement exercise;
  • Double-check all responses before submitting your bid.