Opening of Bids

Once the quotation or tender deadline has passed, the bids will be opened (bids cannot be opened before this time).


If Quick Quote on PCS has been used then all bids received will be recorded automatically.  If not using Quick Quote then bids may be received via hard copy or mail (dependent on the procurement officer instructions)


If the procurement officer is using Public Contracts Scotland or PCS-Tender for the procurement exercise, then the bid opening will be automated.  If PCS-Tender is not being used then the opening will be undertaken in line by the Procurement Officers governance procedures.

The procurement officer will already have established an Opening Board i.e. at least two people who will open, check and log then bids received.

If a bid is incomplete or has not followed Procurement Officer instructions then it may be disqualified.  If the bidder is disqualified they must be informed of this in writing by the Procurement Officer.