Understand the Market - What Information Should I Source?

Gathering information from different sources will increase your knowledge of procurement officers and national, sectoral and geographic markets. 

Information that will enable you to better identify and target your bids includes:

Information Information Gathered/Known?
Identify who the main procurement officers are for your commodity or service and where they are based  
Understand how procurement officers procure e.g. do they buy their own goods or services? do they buy jointly with other organisations?  
Understand whether the tenders you are interested in are split into lots e.g. to group familiar products or services.  
Become familiar with the information procurement officers ask for in their tenders for the market you are interested in.  This will allow you to prepare better for the next quotation/tender that is advertised.  
Determine whether you have the resources to deliver a large contract to the whole public sector or are you better suited to a local or unique market?   
Could you be a min contractor or are smaller sub-contracting opportunities better suited for your business?  
Identify who the current supplier(s) are.  How long have they been the supplier?  This will help increase your market knowledge, including when the contract will be renewed in the future.  
Understand the level of competition you will experirince.  WHich other companies are likely to pitch for this business?  
Information on previous contract awards (which include details of the successful supplier and their bid).  
Investigate what training and other support is available to you.  For example:register with the Supplier Development Programme if you are an SME; with Scottish ENterprise/Business Gateway; with Social Firms Scotland if you are a supported business, etc.  Training and networking will improve the skills and knowledge of you staff to aid your bidding.  

Blank rows are provided for your use i.e. to add your own additional checklist items.