Analyse Your Business

Quickfire Guide

Quickfire Guide

Analyse your Business - Points to Consider

  • your current contracts, including customer feedback and current performance;
  • your strengths and weaknesses;
  • current geographical coverage;
  • pricing structures;
  • unique selling point(s) of your organisation;
  • current sub-contracting undertaken, either by you or to you;
  • current collaboration e.g. consortium, joint ventures, etc.;
  • areas of development/expansion for your organisation in the future.

Analysing the above will help you to:

  • determine which parts of the public sector you are interested in;
  • ensure you only bid for work that you can do;
  • determine if you have the resources to deliver a large contract to the whole public sector;
  • decide if you are better suited to a local or niche market;
  • determine if you could you be a main contractor, or if being a sub-contractor or part of a consortium better suited for your business;
  • further determine who your current and potential future competitors are.