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Innovation Partnership

Innovation Partnerships can be used where there is no existing product or solution currently available on the market.  This procedure is used to stimulate innovation.

Under this procedure:

  • the Contract Notice (published by the procurement officer via PCS) will make it clear that the Innovation Partnership procedure is being used and include the minimum requirements;
  • any supplier may make a request to participate;
  • the request to participate must be accompanied by an ESPD (Scotland);
  • following assessment of the submitted ESPDs, the procurement officer will use a negotiated approach to invite suppliers (a minimum of three if there are that many interested bidders) to submit ideas to develop innovative supplies or services.  There can be several tender stages: the procurement officer will negotiate with all bidders at all of these stages to improve content except at the final tender stage.  The minimum requirements and award criteria of the tender cannot be negotiated;
  • the public body is allowed to award partnerships to more than one supplier.

Commercial confidentiality is of key importance when using this procedure.

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