FAQ - Who Buys for the Scottish Public Sector?

  • Within the public sector, there are goods and services that every organisation needs to buy e.g. stationery, electricity, furniture, etc.  These national contracts (called category A) are let by Procurement Scotland, and any public sector organisation can choose to buy from them;
  • At the next level down there are goods and services that are specific to each individual sector (Central Government, Local Government, NHS, and Colleges and Universities) e.g. all local authorities needs bin lorries.  These sectoral contracts (called Category B) are let by the individual Centres of Expertise for each sector (see diagram);
  • At the level below that, some organisations will collaborate at a regional/local level e.g. Tayside Procurement Consortium is the collaborative arm of the three Tayside councils.  These contracts are called category C1
  • At the lowest level, individual organisations let contracts for their own needs only (these are called Category C.

Category A

Collaborative Contracts available to all public bodies

  • Scottish Procurement
Category B

Collaborative Contracts available to public bodies within a specific sector

  • Scottish Procurement
  • APUC
  • Scotland Excel
  • NHS National Procurement
Category C Local Contracts for use by individual public bodies
Category C1 Local or regional collaborations between public bodies

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