FAQ - Where do I find a copy of the ESPD?

Procurement officers will include the ESPD (Scotland) that you need to complete and submit with the procurement exercise and will include instructions on sourcing the ESPD (Scotland).

Procurement officers can use one of three versions of the ESPD (Scotland) in their procurement exercise as follows:

  • A Word version of a full ESPD (Scotland).  This is a manual document that the procurement officer will attach (normally to the Contract Notice).  The procurement officer will have removed any questions that are not relevant.  You will need to enter your responses into the Word version of the ESPD (Scotland) and submit via Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) or by post, if sending manually.  A full, blank version of the ESPD (Scotland) can be found in the Procurement Journey;
  • PCS includes an online ESPD (Scotland) Module.  The ESPD (Scotland) questions are loaded into PCS, which allows you to create your answers on-line in an electronic form;
  • PCS-Tender (PCS-T) includes an electronic version of the ESPD (Scotland).  If using PCS-T the procurement officer will include their on-line ESPD (Scotland) and you will respond by entering your responses in PCS-T.  This ESPD (Scotland) is available on PCS-Tender.

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