FAQ - Do sub-contractors complete an ESPD?

For above OJEU procurement exercises, if a bidder proposes to sub-contract part of a contract, and relies on the capacity of that sub-contractor in order to fulfil the selection criteria, a separate ESPD (Scotland)  - sections I, II and III - must be completed.  It is up to the procurement officer whether to request the completion of the additional ESPD (Scotland) sections.  procurement officers can elect to ask for separate ESPD’s if relevant and proportionate to the procurement. 

If a sub-contractor is not relied upon, it is the procurement officers decision whether to request any parts of the ESPD e.g. I, II, III or more i.e. whether it is relevant and proportionate to do so.

For below OJEU procurement exercises, the procurement officer may ask for a separate ESPD (Scotland) from each sub-contractor if it is relevant and proportionate to do so.

If not using the online ESPD (Scotland) module in PCS procurement officers must specify in the Contract Notice or Prior Information Notice (PIN) whether separate ESPD (Scotland) are required for sub-contractors.

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