I Want to Bid, What Do I Do?

All public sector contracts equal to or above £50k (excluding VAT) for goods and services must be advertised on PCS. 

Some Procurement Officers will also use PCS to contact suppliers directly to invite quotes (Quick Quotes) for opportunities below this value.

PCS Registration

You don’t have to register on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) as a supplier to see available opportunities, but it is recommended that you do so you can:

  • Set up a Company profile and register for email alerts each time an opportunity or award is published which matches your profile.  We recommend that you use a general email address for your organisation and establish an internal process to allocate responsibility for picking these up and actioning (including cover for sickness/leave etc).
  • Set up a Supplier Finder Profile to increase your chances of being selected for a Quick Quote - include some commentary about your organisation and keywords

It is your responsibility to keep your PCS profiles up-to-date, and you therefore need to maintain and amend your profile on a regular basis.  If you are not registered on PCS procurement officers will not be able to see you to invite you to participate in a Quick Quote and you will not get automatic email alerts for relevant opportunities.

Get Some Training and Support

There are several organisations who provide training, advice and support for free on bidding for public sector contracts.  Further details can be found in Support Available.

Learn More About Your Market

Being registered on PCS is not a guarantee of securing business.  You will still need to undertake marketing and networking activities to grow your business.  Find out more about the opportunities that are out there by understanding your market, your competitors and public sector procurement officers.  Refer to Understand the Market for more information.