What we Buy

The public sector buys a wide variety of goods and services. These can cost anywhere from a few hundred pounds to many millions of pounds. They can be relatively simple – buying readily available products – to being extremely complicated and/or innovative.  The Supplier Journey provides guidance on goods and services:


These contracts relate to the purchase of goods or products. This may include siting, installation or other related services and can be for the purchase, lease, rental or hire purchase of products. Examples of these are contracts for ICT equipment, stationery and office furniture.


Services contracts are awarded for services of every description. Examples of these are contracts for cleaning,  facilities and management services and legal services. 

Where Can I Find Out More?

It is a legal requirement that all public bodies publish an internet based contract register detailing all contracts advertised and awarded after 18 April 2016 which are worth at least £50k for goods and services.  Some public bodies publish their contract register in their buyer profile area of or may publish this via their own website.

The Scottish Government also publish Scottish Governement spend reports.  This is another good source of information when researching your market.

Types of Contracts

A contract is an agreement made between two or more consenting parties that is legally binding.  In procurement there are several types of tender processes that can be used to put in place a contract e.g. quotations, framework agreements, etc.  More information on these types of contracts can be found in their respective stations under Procurement Procedures and Procurement Processes.

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