Scottish Public Procurement

The Scottish public sector spends over £11 billion each year on goods, works and services.  These contracts vary in size, value, complexity, type of contract and geographical area across Scotland and as a result there could be a number of opportunities you could bid for.

As public sector procurement officers spend taxpayers money there are strict rules on how they can buy goods and services. These rules vary depending on the type and value of the contract.

Public procurement is a key partner and enabler to deliver Scotland’s economic strategy.

The Scottish Model of Procurement puts procurement at the heart of Scotland's economic recovery: use the power of public spending to deliver genuine public value beyond simply cost and/or quality in purchasing.  This value for money triangle shows that the Scottish Model of Procurement is the best balance of sustainability, cost and quality. 

This model is owned by the Scottish public sector: to work together to develop strategic relationships with key business and Third Sector organisations.


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